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亚马逊Kindle Voyage 纸质书的生存危机

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本文摘要:Amazon’s Kindle is a tech-industry miracle. That sounds over-the-top; it’s not.亚马逊(Amazon)的Kindle是科技行业的一个奇迹。这话听得一起很滑稽,其实不然。


Amazon’s Kindle is a tech-industry miracle. That sounds over-the-top; it’s not.亚马逊(Amazon)的Kindle是科技行业的一个奇迹。这话听得一起很滑稽,其实不然。In 2007, when the company first unveiled its e-reader, the device was an expensive ugly duckling whose future looked marginal at best. The first Kindle, which sold for $400 and was made by a company that had no track record in hardware, had a lot to overcome: the reluctance of the book industry to change its business model, the sentimentality of readers for the printed book, and its egregious industrial design, which looked like the product of the Soviet space program.2007年公司首次发售它的电子阅读器时,这款设备就是个便宜的丑小鸭,前景变得微不足道。

第一代Kindle售价为400美元(当时约合3000元人民币),出自于一个没什么硬件生产背景的公司,并且面对重重困难:图书业不不愿转变其商业模式,读者对纸质书抱有憧憬的情愫,而且产品设计很僵硬,看起来看起来苏联太空计划的产物。Worst of all, the Kindle was a dedicated machine. Its only purpose was to let you read books that you purchased from Amazon’s online store. In the age of smartphones and apps, when a single phone does just about everything, most dedicated devices have had a rough ride. Sales of snapshot cameras and digital have crashed because their functions were eaten by phones.最糟的是,Kindle是台专用的机器。


But not the Kindle. Amazon’s e-reader hasn’t merely survived, but thrived, thanks to a single-minded focus on the needs of obsessive readers. Each year Amazon slightly improved the Kindle’s prices, hardware and software, making it more competitive with print, and roiling the publishing industry in the process.但Kindle不一样。由于专心考虑到重度阅读者的市场需求,亚马逊的电子阅读器不但活着了下来,还发展得有声有色。

亚马逊每年都会对Kindle的价格、硬件和软件作出改良,让它和纸质书比起极具竞争力,也让出版业陷于混乱。Now, with its newest Kindle, the Voyage, Amazon is refining its e-reader once more. The Voyage’s main trick is a high-resolution display that mimics the look of a printed page. Text on its screen appears at a resolution of 300 pixels an inch, which is on par with the high-resolution displays now found on most of our other mobile devices.现在亚马逊发售了Kindle的最新款Voyage,再行一次对它的电子阅读器展开了改进。

Voyage的主要卖点是仿效印刷纸面效果的高分辨率屏幕。这种屏幕上的文字是以每英寸300像素的分辨率表明的,与现在市面上多数移动设备的高分辨率屏幕可等量齐观。Compared with previous Kindles, text on the Kindle Voyage appears both sharper and in starker relief against the background. Graphics, like charts and graphs, look just as clear as they do in any black-and-white book.相比此前的Kindle,Kindle Voyage上的文字更加明晰,和背景构成更加独特的半部效果。图表等图形看上去也更加明晰了,就像在白底黑字的书上一样。

The effect is beguiling. If you look at the new Kindle for any stretch of time, you don’t just forget that you’re reading an e-book; you forget that you’re using any kind of electronic device at all.这样的效果让人心旷神怡。捧着新款Kindle读者,无论读书多长时间,你都会意识到自己是在读电子书,甚至都想不起自己是在用一台电子设备。Amazon says the Voyage offers a better approximation of print than has ever been available on an e-reader, but for me, it’s far better than that. It offers the visual clarity of printed text with the flexibility of an electronic device.亚马逊说道Voyage是有史以来和印刷品最相似的电子阅读器,但在我看来,它要比纸书好得多。

它有印刷文字的视觉清晰度,又有电子设备的灵活性。Given that combination, the Voyage functions as something like the executioner of the trusty old hardcover. Until recently, there were only two remaining reasons to hang on to books — either you just couldn’t get on board with the way a Kindle page looked, or you were suspicious of Amazon’s power and larger motives in the publishing industry, and you saw the printed book as the only bulwark against its overreach.有了这两个因素的融合,Voyage在或许上就出了一个刽子手,我们忠心耿耿的精装书老朋友们将杀在它的刀下。

之后看纸书的理由,近年来早已只只剩两个——要么你无法拒绝接受Kindle里书页的样子,要么你对亚马逊的势力以及在出版业的布局所持猜测态度,你指出要想要遏止它的过度扩展,纸书是唯一一道屏障。The first reason is now gone. The Voyage, which at $199 and up is Amazon’s most expensive Kindle, doesn’t look just like the printed page. Like other Kindles, it does things the printed page can’t do.第一个原因早已不不存在了。

Voyage的售价为199美元起,是目前亚马逊三高的一款Kindle设备,它不只是作出了纸张印刷的视觉效果。和其他Kindle一样,它还能做到纸书做到将近的事。Reading a long tome (say the “Game of Thrones” series) and you want to keep track of the characters? X-Ray, a feature built into most Kindle books, shows you a handy pop-up guide of every person you encounter. Need to look up a word? Just tap on it. Want to flip back and forth between footnotes and the main text? It’s just a matter of tapping; reading David Foster Wallace’s “Infinite Jest” on a Kindle isn’t the workout it is in print.看一本大部头的时候(比如“权力的游戏”系列),想要厘清人物的脉络?多数Kindle书里都有一个叫X-Ray的功能,通过一个很简单的插入板来讲解你写的每个人物。

想坎某个单词?点一下就讫。想要在注释和内文之间往返翻阅?也是点按几下就可以的事;在Kindle上读大卫·福斯特·华莱士(David Foster Wallace)的《无尽的笑话》(Infinite Jest),不必像读纸书那样偷偷地健美。

The Voyage is Amazon’s thinnest Kindle, but I found that advantage to be of little significance; Amazon’s other recent Kindles have also been very thin.Voyage是亚马逊目前为止最厚的一款Kindle,但我找到这个优势没有那么显著;亚马逊近来发售的其他Kindle也外壳。The Voyage also includes a new way to turn pages built into the plastic border of the device, right under where you’d rest your thumbs while holding it. To turn, you slightly pinch with either thumb; on other Kindles, you had to lift your finger and tap the screen. (You can also turn that way on the Voyage.) I found this method to be also only slightly helpful, because turning pages on other Kindles really wasn’t much of a hassle to begin with.Voyage还引进了一种新的翻页方式,内置在设备的塑料边框里,也就是在夹持着设备的手指下。要翻页只需用手指用力捻一下;在其他的Kindle上,你得抱住手指触击屏幕。

(在Voyage上也可以用这种方式翻页。)我找到这种方法不能说道是有所益处,因为翻页在其他Kindle上本身也谈不上是个多大的困难。So the only real reason to chose the Voyage over the other Kindles — the Paperwhite, which goes for $119, and the entry-level reader, which is $69 but doesn’t have a light — is its high-contrast display. For me, the Voyage’s display justifies the price. If you read often, you’ll want a high-quality screen, and this is one you’ll appreciate every single time you read.那么要选Voyage而不是其他Kindle——比如售价119美元的Paperwhite,还有售价69美元、但是没背光的入门级Kindle——理由就只只剩一个,它的高对比度屏幕。




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