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正确理解Facebook收入暴涨 卖广告依然能赚大钱

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本文摘要:Facebook is really two companies for the price of one: A really nifty, visionary, we’re-going-to-change-the-world innovator and a mind-numbingly technocratic/grind-it-out money-making machine.社交网站Facebook有两张面孔:一张是时髦且富裕企图心、志在转变世界的创新者;另一张则是单


Facebook is really two companies for the price of one: A really nifty, visionary, we’re-going-to-change-the-world innovator and a mind-numbingly technocratic/grind-it-out money-making machine.社交网站Facebook有两张面孔:一张是时髦且富裕企图心、志在转变世界的创新者;另一张则是单调乏味技术专家式特埋头苦干的赚机器。Let’s take the second first. The company reported full-year earnings Wednesday, and by any measure Facebook is an impressive business. Largely by selling ads that run on cell phones, Facebook’s 2014 revenue increased 58% to $12.5 billion. The company earned almost $3 billion. Nearly 900 million people used Facebook daily during December.我们再行来想到Facebook的后一张面孔。上周三,该公司发布了全年营收,不论以何种标准来取决于,其业绩都非常不俗。



截至去年12月,每天有将近9亿人用于Facebook。Unless your exceedingly interested in the intricacies of advertising technology, there’s almost nothing interesting about how Facebook makes money. Listening to a discussion of its financial results is a forced march through the muddy fields of organic impressions, increasing velocity of advertising efficiency, right-hand rails, and the like. In discussing Facebook’s desire to be a good partner to software developers, Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg referred to the company’s efforts at building a “cross-platform platform.” Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, piped in that “our ultimate goal is to be the critical business partner to our clients.”除非你对简单晦涩的广告技术十分感兴趣,否则,Facebook的盈利模式听得一起非常无趣。听得人辩论其财务业绩,真是只不过在泥地里擅自前进,令人痛苦不堪,耳边弥漫着各种术语:有机曝光次数、广告投放亲率递减速度、右侧栏,凡此种种,不一而足。谈及Facebook期望沦为软件开发者很好的合作伙伴,公司创始人兼任首席执行官马克o扎克伯格称之为,Facebook于是以希望建设“跨平台平台”。

Facebook首席运营官谢丽尔o桑德伯格插话道:“我们的最终目标,是沦为客户的关键商业伙伴。”Yawn-inducing, perhaps, but powerful too. Facebook now gets nearly 70% of its revenue from mobile devices, up from nothing a few short years ago. Considering its rapid growth, it is astounding that revenue from ads that run on desktop computers re only growing at a 1% clip for Facebook. It’s worth repeating: Not very long ago desktop ads were all that Facebook had. Facebook also has a balance sheet nearly as big as its 2014 revenues: It ended the year with $11.2 billion in cash.这种话也许令人大打哈欠,但却富裕感染力。Facebook目前近70%的收益来自移动设备末端,而就在短短几年前,移动末端收益完全为零。相比于其高速快速增长,Facebook台式电脑末端广告营收的增长速度仅有1%,不由得令人震惊。

值得一提的是,就在不久前,Facebook完全全部收益都来自电脑末端广告。Facebook当前资产负债表上的现金规模完全可相媲美其2014全年营收:截至2014年底,该公司坐拥112亿美元现金。But wait, wasn’t there something about a vision and making the world safe for something other than efficient mobile ad units?等等,除了高效的移动广告单元外,Facebook不是还有个要使世界显得更加安全性的愿景吗?Indeed. Zuckerberg did something unique for an investor earnings call: He shared a three-, five-, and 10-year vision for his company. The three-year vision includes creating better services for people and, critically, businesses while growing Facebook’s “community.” The five-year plan envisions making businesses of WhatsApp and Messenger, an acquisition and a separate messaging app, respectively. The 10-year plan involves Zuckerberg’s goal of helping every person in the world obtain an Internet connection (through his Internet.org project) and then plopping them down into a virtual-reality world stemming from Facebook’s Oculus VR purchase.到底,扎克伯格做到了件在投资者收益电话会议上十分少见的事:他共享了Facebook的三年、五年以及十年愿景。


十年计划则还包括:使全球所有人都能连到互联网(通过扎克伯格的Internet.org项目),并使他们转入Facebook并购的Oculus VR建构的虚拟现实世界。It’s the kind of stuff that only a company that’s printing money from its gigantic audience can afford to think about.这样的愿景,只有享有海量用户、日进斗金的公司才不敢有。Toward the end of the earnings call an investor asked Zuckerberg if it made sense to spending so much money to provide Internet connections to customers who wouldn’t generate sufficient revenue for Facebook to recoup the investment. Why, the analyst asked, does this matter to investors? Zuckerberg’s response neatly summed up his thinking about Facebook. “It matters to the kind of investors that we want to have because we’re a mission-focused company,” Zuckerberg said. “Part of the sub-text of your question is that if we were only focused on making money we’d simply focus on selling more ads in the U.S. But that’s not the only thing we think about here.”收益电话会议相似尾声时,有一位投资者问扎克伯格,斥巨资协助那些无法给Facebook带给充足收益的客户终端互联网,以至于收不回本,这样做到否合理?该分析师问道,这同投资者有什么关系?扎克伯格的问,很好地总结了他对Facebook的点子。


”At Facebook FB 0.61% , they certainly think about making money. Indeed, when you make so much of it you also can think about creative ways to make even more, even if the payout is way off into the future.不过,Facebook认同有木村赚的事。显然,当你大赚兹赚到时,你可以想要些有创新的方式来赚到更加多的钱,哪怕报酬要很久以后才能看见。




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